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Ready to buy? We can help make it simple. Trust us to understand what drives you - a reliable source of funding with straightforward, simple paperwork. Most importantly, there are no hidden fees. Since we're in the transportation business, our expert finance associates can help you get in your truck, when you're ready to buy.

Smart, Simple, Dependable & Available

Smart.Credit lines have limits, which is why successful business owners build long-term relationships with as many finance sources as possible. Keep your bank credit line free for capital expenditures and emergency cash flow needs.

Simple.We make it easier to walk in and out of your local dealership with a new or used International truck or IC Bus by streamlining the entire process of buying your equipment. We're straightforward and don't hit you with hidden fees during the life of your loan, because we want you to finance with us again. After all, we're solely dedicated to transportation financing.

Dependable.Most importantly, with 60 years of consistent industry support, you can be sure we'll be with you through the cycles and over the long haul.

Available.We are here to serve you. Our regional experts can help walk you through the financing process.

Your team at WESTRUX fully understands all the complex issues surrounding finance options. We work for you, in finding just the right option for your business situation.

Meet your Finance Manager Juan Vasquez

Finance is often the final component that dictates whether or not a deal can be made. This process can be very difficult at times, unless you have the opportunity to work with someone like our Finance Manager Juan Vasquez. "All my customers will get prompt, friendly service and be treated with the utmost respect they deserve. Our Customers have the choice to either deal by phone, fax or email. I will personally go out to sign documents. What our customers won't get is the run around. My biggest challenge is helping customers who have special financing needs, but we have lenders from A –D credit situations. The industry as a whole has changed and now the options are limited, but there are options." Call me direct at 562.404.7259.

Finance Manager

Contact your local Santa Fe Springs Westrux Finance Manager for details.

Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez
Santa Fe Springs
Finance Manager