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One reason governments buy more International® trucks than any other is that we work hard to ensure you get the best truck for the job. This site is part of that commitment. Whether you’re using the Spec-by-Spec Guide to spec the perfect truck, or the Walk-Around Guide to see all the performance-driven features on International trucks, you’ll get the information you need to make an educated decision.

Since 1988, municipal professionals throughout the Southern California area have relied on Westrux International to meet their equipment needs. Westrux will provide you with the products, parts, and service you need to handle the heavy-duty jobs to keep your municipality operating smoothly and efficiently.

We are your source for:

• Dump Trucks
• Platform Trucks
• Utility / Service Trucks
• Electric vans and trucks
• Hybrid Trucks
• CNG Trucks
• Boom / Aerial
• Sewer Equipment
• Refuse Trucks
• Hook Lifts
• Emergency Vehicles
• Tractors

Spec’ing for Fuel Economy

Fuel is often a fleet's largest expense. With rising diesel prices and market volatility, it's becom-ing increasingly more difficult to manage operating costs. However, heavy-duty commercial trucks are running more efficiently than ever. So much so that even fractional improvements can pay dividends to a fleet's bottom line over the life of a vehicle.

At International, we understand that even the smallest detail matters. From the meticulous de-sign and testing of our aerodynamic cab to the continuous optimization of our powertrain to even the tiniest tweaks to components and electronic parameters—we have you covered.

A truck spec'd for optimal fuel economy is not one-size-fits-all. Variables such as load type, length of haul, driver behavior a geographic operating area all play a factor in spec'ing a truck that's right for your unique application. With millions of possible combinations, it can be a daunt-ing experience to spec your vehicle just right. We are committed to de-mystify the spec'ing pro-cess and help you select the vehicle that will operate most efficiently for you.

Our current customer list includes: County of San Bernardino, County of Riverside, Rialto Unified School district , San Bernardino Fire Dept., LADWP and many others.

We believe expectations are meant to be exceeded...

Anyone can make a rugged truck. But with 100 years of commercial-duty experience, International knows that toughness without ease of operation doesn't cut it. That’s why TerraStar gives you the best visibility in its class–28% better front-forward visibility than the leading competitor and has the largest cab in its class–30% more room for your crew than the leading competitor. Safety Features are designed with the Municipality Buyer in mind.

Use Westrux as your “go to place” for the latest Navistar Municipal Specification offerings that can take your next bid to the next level. Ed Marx specializes in helping you write your bids in easy to understand verbiage, maximizing your trucks performance and safety.

Westrux International is the answer for all of your government and municipality transportation needs. We offer only the best product lineups in Southern California and our huge volume of sales means competitive pricing for you.

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Meet our Municipality Sales Consultant Mr. Ed Marx
Ed Marx
Email Ed.

Ed’s career in commercial vehicles began over 12 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia working with some of the major dealerships in the area. Ed’s commitment to the industry and desire to rep-resent the best products for his customers brought him to the Westrux International dealer-ship chain.

“I have always taken pride in my customer’s long term, overall success.The training programs that Westrux and International provide are ongoing and I am here to be your up to the minute re source in understanding Navistar’s industry leading features in emissions, efficiency, value, safety and how it all applies to your specific businesses. I look forward to earning your business, working with you all and exceeding your expectations as part of the Westrux International team” stated Mr. Marx.